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Except for the development environment, all information in this article applies to creating apps for both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.Some data types for fields in Share Point lists are associated by default with simple formatting or data validation.Business Process Validation (BPV) is the act of verifying that a set of end-to-end business processes function as intended.If there are problems in one or more business applications that support a business process, or in the integration or configuration of those systems, then the consequences of disruption to the business can be serious.Projects based on the Windows Phone Share Point List Application template include default data validation logic, but such projects also provide a mechanism for developers to implement custom data validation.Important: If you are developing an app for Windows Phone 8, you must use Visual Studio Express 2012 instead of Visual Studio 2010 Express.Humans make typing errors, forget things, and can read over errors any number of times without noticing them.The second property of high-quality business rules (consistency) means that the business rules are expressed in the right way.

The client library will first ensure that the values are valid.

The object to be traced can be an attribute selected by a navigational XPath expression, a function, or a variable.

The text in the quotes can be any text, it doesn't have to be the actual name of the attribute in the data model.

One of the characteristics of the business rules approach is that business people are in charge of specifying business rules.

A business rule is a statement that defines or constraints some aspect of a business.

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We will see in the coming examples that the quality check is also important when rules change, so that the effects of a new rule on an existing set of rules can be assessed.

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