Updating sony bravia firmware K9 webcam sex

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Updating sony bravia firmware

I then clicked on the software update again and it said that there was NO software update available.I don't think the new version installed, but if it did, why don't it show the new version on the TV?Lovely TV to operate EPG guide is a dream & quick response times compared to Samsung, very happy with this TV I am wanting to buy another however upset that sony have discontinued this one as I like this base far better than the newer version. This Television has been a lemon from the start, once been replaced, only to have the same issues with the new one.Sony really need to pick up there service, outsourced overseas, by people who promise but do not deliver, cannot even get a reply to our emails, COMPLETELY AVOID ALL SONY T. The overall design looks solid; thin bezel (just the way a like it), lots of ports and a sturdy stand.If it DID NOT install, then how do I get the new version installed since the TV thinks it has the new one? I however have an urgent suggestion: We need a firmware update list somewhere that shows us what exactly you've done to our TV's while automatically updating them...

I have left the tv on standby every night for about 4 nights, and still no 'over the air' automatic update via their dongle!

I clicked software update on the TV and it indicated that a new update was available (version PKG2.085AAA), so I clicked to have it installed.

When I did this, there was no progress screen or anything else to indicate that it was doing anything.

Red led light blinks flashes, red light error code troubleshooting Chart, TV shutsdown Always try power reset, unplug powercord for 5 mins then factory reset tv & update with usb drive from sony site-

upd_id=7151 0 no red standby light-check powercord or bad main logic board or power board, check standby volts 1 red blink not used 2 red flashes is bad power board, solution replace power board 3 red flashes is bad main logic or power board, check for standby volts if ok replace main logic board 4 red blinks- can be LD board or main logic board, check inverter board wires for arcing to ground 5 red flashes- bad lcd panel connection or internal lcd short- squeeze bezel to locate bad connection 6 red flashes- backlight issue, bad main board, or power board or inverter boards- check standby volts on power board.

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The standards apps that come with TV are not exactly popular (except for You Tube).

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