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If you wanted to use RHEL for evaluation purposes, then you can create your own repository for installing software.This repository is based on the rpm packages that came with the installation media.

If your Redhat server is not connected to the official RHN repositories, you will need to configure your own private repository which you can later use to install packages.I have a fairly fresh install of Fedora 21 ( less than a month old) and I accidentally add a repo that is no longer valid.I have tried several ways to remove it including: su - yum remove ozonos (DID NOT WORK) I have also tried; su - yum remove Best way is to edit the repo file that should be on /etc/d/and edit the line enable and set it to enabled=0 or add the line if it does not exist on the file.It can also perform installation of new packages, removal of old packages and perform queries on the installed or available packages among other commands/services (see below).It can automatically perform system updates, including dependency analysis and obsolete processing based on "repository" metadata.

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Then I replaced all of the instances of sslclientkey and sslclientcert with the files on this server.

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