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If you have been caught in an Internet sting, we can help determine whether entrapment was an issue.Even with increased attention on cases of this nature, it is important to understand that a large number of cases involving Internet solicitation of minors can be resolved without a conviction, or with a favorable plea-deal.But Henderson soon learned her husband had been living a double life."They don't know," she says."He's meeting them on the chat lines."The last woman whom he had been with also learned she had been infected, and she contacted every woman in his phone, including Henderson.

With the good news came a devastating diagnosis: she was also HIV positive."When I first found out I was positive I contacted the authorities," Henderson says.LGBTQ therapy can be extremely helpful for people but only if they feel comfortable enough to get it.It is important to find a provider that is LGBTQ-friendly and knowledgeable about the specific cultural considerations and issues faced by LGBTQ individuals with mental health conditions. However, it is not intended to be a substitute for professional therapy.At the Law Office of John Freeman, we defend individuals charged in either state courts or federal courts with sexual offenses against minors: If you are facing charges for any of these crimes, contact an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your options. In an effort to target alleged sex offenders, law enforcement has become engaged in a large number of Internet sting operations.However, the issue of entrapment arises when adults are actively sought out by law enforcement officers posing as minors in Internet chat rooms.

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Speak to a criminal defense attorney if you have been targeted in a police sting or federal investigation.

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