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Oxford university radiocarbon dating

We hope it will be of occasional use to radiocarbon users and interested students alike.

Once the results have been communicated, we are happy to help with the interpretation of the results.

Doubts were raised later because trace animal collagen glue was found on the specimen.

A renewed attempt to date it failed, so Roger Jacobi and Tom Higham dated samples above and below the find spot of the maxilla instead.

As such it predates all previously known humans in northwestern Europe, overlaps partially with the very earliest dating evidence for the Aurignacian and tells us much about the dispersal rate of our species across the continent.

In the second paper, Katerina Douka and an international team published new data from the south of Italy.

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All samples submitted to the laboratory must be accompanied by a sample submission form that gives the details of the sample we need. In addition, we would ask submitters to look at our Policy on the dating of Antiquities and sign our terms and conditions.