Free avatar sex chats

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Free avatar sex chats

AVATAR Written by James Cameron THE SOUND OF DRUMS, from a great distance, growing louder. Jake grabs the glass, SLAMS down the shot as they cheer. CREW CHIEF Remember people, you lose your mask you're unconscious in 20 seconds and you're dead in four minutes. MITSUBISHI MK-6 AMPSUITS -- human operated walking machines 4 meters tall -- patrol the perimeter. A vicious AERIAL PREDATOR a meter across gnashes glass fangs against the steel. ON A WALKWAY of the OPS CENTER, seen from above, a UNIFORMED FIGURE grips the railing, watching Jake pump his chair through the tunnel below. The scalp is etched by long parallel SCARS where some Pandoran denizen's claws raked across it. If you wish to survive, you need a strong mental attitude, you need to follow procedure... (off Jake's wary look) Sorry, I'm Norm Spellman, I went through avatar training with him.

FADE IN: WE ARE FLYING through mist, a dimly glimpsed forest below. O.) When I was lying there in the VA hospital, with a big hole blown through the middle of my life, I started having these dreams of flying. A WALL-SIZED SCREEN filled with the World Cup game -- men RUNNING on antelope legs. Let's nobody be dead today, it looks bad on my report. HAND-HELD, running with the arriving colonists who double time down the ramp. They are heavily armored, and armed with a huge rotary cannon called a GAU-90. It STABS at him through the chain link with a tail ending in a glistening stiletto. The bare arms, below tightly rolled sleeves, seem hewn out of some hard tropical wood. PUSH IN ON JAKE, watching as the briefing continues. O.) Nothing like an old-school safety brief to put your mind at ease. CORRIDOR People are roaming in both directions, looking for rooms, lugging duffels and cases.

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It takes just about 2 minutes and you can be registered free.You can even raise your own cute pets and teach them cool tricks!Or just start taking care of your 3D garden and your own farm!In a LONG LENS STACK it is a marching torrent of anonymous, isolated souls. JAKE'S APARTMENT - NIGHT The room is a tiny CUBICLE, prison cell meets 747 bathroom. ONLOOKERS, including some other disabled vets, CLAP and WHOOP. Everybody except JAKE, who's turning his this way and that trying to figure out the straps. The neolithic weapons are jarring amid all the advanced technology. Armored and heavily armed, they are AT-99 "SCORPION" GUNSHIPS. WAINFLEET and Fike give Jake and his chair the hairy eyeball as he approaches. As Jake rolls past, SOMETHING SWOOPS down behind him and -- 9. SMASHES against the chain-link right next to his head. WAINFLEET Seen a lotta guys leave this place in a wheelchair. Jake stares at the gnashing fangs of the dying alien. HIS POV -- the mighty POLYPHEMUS seems to fill the sky, beyond the clouds. I will not succeed -- (pausing for effect) -- not with all of you.

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